The Tenth Jubilee of Tradition and Innovation in Translation Studies Research 2022 as a Sign of Motivation and Future

The 10th year of the conference Tradition and Innovation in Translation Studies Research: Translation and Interpreting at Crossroads for PhD. students and young researchers was held on 9-10 February 2022 at the Department of Translation Studies CPU in Nitra.

It was a unique jubilee year full of rich programme, which attracted young researchers not only from Slovakia, but mainly from abroad.

We welcomed two keynote speakers at this jubilee tenth year. On Wednesday, Doc. Martin Djovčoš from Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, who participated in the Nitra doctoral conference in its very beginnings, gave an interesting lecture on how to be honest and impartial in one’s research. In a subsequent interview with Dr. Mária Koscelníková, he talked not only about his research beginnings, but also about the beginnings of the Nitra doctoral conference. The keynote speech was followed by two sections of contributions by guests from China, Turkey, Italy, Greece, and the Czech Republic and a rich discussion. Doc. Djovčoš concluded the interview with the statement that PhD. students and young researchers in Nitra have now transformed the conference into an institution and a necessary platform for the presentation of research and exchanges among young researchers, which is unparalleled in Slovakia.

The second day of the conference opened with a keynote speech by prof. Dr. Gary Massey, who spoke about the development of teachers of translation, providing young researchers with valuable advice needed for translation training. After a fruitful discussion, guests from Ukraine and Bratislava/Netherlands presented their research, and the conference closed with a presentation of our colleagues from the Department, Dr. Jana Ukušová and Matej Martinkovič.

The tenth jubilee of the Tradition and Innovation in Translation Studies Research conference attracted many great and inspiring researchers to the online premises of our Department, and we will certainly consider a hybrid form of the conference in future. It will open the door not only to Slovak researchers, but also to researchers from all around the world who keep returning to the Nitra doctoral conference on a regular basis.

In the last years of the conference Tradition and Innovation in Translation Studies Research, we have been providing our students with the opportunity to test their interpreting skills in practice and to smoothly convey the content of presentations and discussions into the language (English/Slovak) of both our guests and non-presenting participants. This year, we would like to thank to our students Eva Verebová, Michal Ganát, Nikoleta Závodná and Bibiána Lieskovanová for their help. We wish Tradition and Innovation many inspiring researchers and many more successful years on the premises of our Department.

Organising Committee:
Jana Boltižiar, Mária Koscelníková, Matej Martinkovič, Jana Ukušová