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Doctoral Study Programme

This study programme follows the Master's study programme of Translation Studies: English Language and Culture, German Language and Culture, Russian Language and Culture, French Language and Culture, and Spanish Language and Culture.

Form: full-time, distance learners
Study programme supervisors: Prof. Edita Gromová, PhD., Prof. Daniela Müglová, PhD. and Prof. Peter Kopecký, PhD.
Study programme
Academic degree: PhD.


Graduates from this programme will become experts in translation and interpreting studies. They will acquire knowledge about particular research methods in the area of translation and interpreting. They will be able to propose their own solutions in the area of translation studies; they will learn the principles of research and how to formulate research questions and will be able to appreciate the ethical and social aspects of research. They will also be able to present the results of their own research and contribute to the development of this field of study in relation to real practice.

Employment possibility

Graduates from this study programme (level 3) may find work in research, educational and academic institutions focusing on translation studies or other related fields of interest (Slovak and foreign universities and Institutes of the Academy of Sciences).