Since 22nd February 2013 students must submit their thesis for text originality control via the AiS2 system.

BA Thesis formal guidelines for Translation Studies programmes (available only in Slovak).

Theses submitted to the EZP are publicly available in the University Library Online Catalogue under "Advanced Search – all resources".

17/2011 Directive on BA, MA, rigorous and PhD theses (in Slovak only)

Annex A – Thesis assignment model

Annex B – Thesis cover model

Annex C – Thesis front page model

Annex D – Author-date citation model

Annex E – Copyright agreement model

Annex F – Author declaration model

All of the above-mentioned document are available here (in Slovak only).

Procedure outline for assigning, handing in, and defending thesis (Rámcový postup pri zadávaní, odovzdávaní a obhajobe záverečných prác)

Ján Skalka a kol.: Prevencia a odhaľovanie plagiátorstva [Prevention and Exposure of Plagiarism]

Manual for uploading thesis to AiS2 (Návod na vloženie práce prostredníctvom AiS2)